Moving into another place is almost always scary for some. However, this could be an exciting moment for you as well. The Netherlands offers a lot of things to experience and explores for its tourists and all the more for those planning on settling in here. But before being able to experience the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, the most delicious coffee ever, and the best beer in the world, you would have to go through some processes first to make your settling official. Here are the first things you should keep in mind if you are planning to move in the Netherlands.

  1. Visa Application

Visa application is, of course, the first thing to consider with moving in. Not only in Netherlands but as well as in other countries. Netherlands is located is a part of the European Union and countries who are a member of the organization have lenient border controls and go through the same processes of acquiring a common visa. With that, it makes it easier for EU Nationals to move into this beautiful country.

If you are not an EU National, you would have to apply a different kind of visa. The length of stay allowed depends on your nationality and purpose of visiting the country. To know more about this, contact the consulate of the Netherlands in your country and research more about the visa application and requirements on their website.

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  1. Prepare Your Health

Moving into a different country would mean being in a completely different environment that what you are used to. All the more if you are not used to wintering for those who do not experience it. Before moving in, check the vaccinations needed and required for the country before allowing visitors in. Have yourself checked as well if you need any medications you should bring that might be hard to find while you are busy settling down.


  1. Find A Place To Stay

Of course, one of the most important thing in moving into a new country is finding a place to stay. Depending on the nature and purpose of your stay, you would need a place to stay. Not to mention the neighborhood and proximity of your new home to where you need to go, either to work or school. There are numerous websites on the internet you can utilize to find rooms, flats, studio apartments, or a whole house for yourself. Go through these and set out your criteria and budget for looking for a place to stay.

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  1. Register Yourself As A Residence

Once you have arrived, you should register yourself as a residence either in a city or town hall depending on where you plan to live. This would entail different perks to some.This too is a great responsibility as you are planning to make your life in the country.

Requirement varies but it almost always requires your original and a copy of your passport, the documents that you hold allowing you to stay in the country whether for work or for study, your birth certificate, sometimes even a rental contract. Visit the city hall personally or search for their website for the specific requirements and application process.