Looking for a place to stay is always the number one thing most people would do upon moving into a country or a city. After all, you do not want your starting money to be wasted with nights in hotels and Airbnb. Netherlands is home to a population of about 17 million. With that, the is no doubt you can find a place to stay according to your liking. Here are some things you should consider before you rent a place in the country.

  1. Consider Looking at Properties Through the Internet

Like most cities and countries, the Netherlands also have their own known websites where people would look for a place to stay. Look for these on the internet to narrow down your searches depending on your criteria and location. The good thing about these websites is they offer a lot of filters and settings for you to customize your search whether you are looking for a studio room in the heart of Amsterdam or a cozy house outside of the city center.


  1. Consider Looking For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are known to jack up the prices of some properties. However, if you feel more comfortable in asking for their service then it is totally fine to consider them. After all, they are also known to provide the best and well-maintained properties in the city. If you are to stay in Netherlands for a long period of time, this is a good option to consider.


  1. Consider Learning a Bit of Renting Vocabulary of the Dutch

Of course, as you are moving in a new country, the people have different ways of life and manners of handling things When back home you would expect that what you see is what you get, in Netherlands, there are some things you have to understand and learn before you get surprised.

To save yourself the hassle learn these three words while you are hunting for a place to stay: Ongemeubileerd means that the property is completely unfurnished. What you get are walls, ceiling, floors, windows, a door, and nothing else. Gestoffeerd means semi furnished and that includes maybe a curtain, flooring, basic kitchen appliances like a stove.  Gemeubileerd means furnished and what it really means depends on landlord to landlord but it’s okay to expect appliances and furniture including a television, sofa, tables, and chairs.

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