1. Food and Drinks!

The Dutch is known for their savory and hefty food that is sure to make your mouth water. Some of the known good ones are the Haring, Stroopwafels, and Frikandel. These dishes define exactly what Dutch really means. Oh but more than that, the Dutch also have the best beverages in the world including their known coffee perfect on a cold winter day, their pints of beers, and their gin.


  1. Transportation

Transportation here is one of the easiest and most hassle-free. Getting from point A to point B has never been such a walk in the park because sometimes it really is. The country is home to a very convenient and efficient transport network of buses, trams, the metro, and trains. Of course, who we would never fail to mention their bikes!


  1. Nightlife in Netherlands

There is a booming nightlife anywhere in Netherlands from a simple pub in small towns to nightclubs in the cities. This is where you can enjoy a nice pint of beer or their known Dutch gin. Every night of the week is a great night for some drinks!

  1. Natural Wonder

Aside from the cobblestoned streets and dainty heritage houses, the Netherlands also boasts of its amazing nature. From the flowers, the bloom in spring in their countless parks in the city to their biggest national park that can be roamed around by bikes, the country has got a lot to offer.


  1. Canals

You just gotta love to have a great walk in the canalsides or a boat ride through it. It’s a perfect form of relaxation to some. Experience and witness great parades in these canals as well during public holidays.